San Jose Animal in My Dryer Vent or Air Duct - How to Get It Out

Your home is a cozy place for any creature. While most of us will choose to go outdoors, most critters will prefer to stay inside our house due to the absence of predators. With regards to the air duct and dryer vent, birds will seem to be the ordinary problem. This is especially true during the spring months when it is the nesting season of the birds. Apart from the birds, it is also common for us to encounter dead animals in our vents.

How to Get the Animals Out of the Dryer Vent
One of the tell-tale signs of an animal in our dryer vent is the offensive smell of the dead animal. You will need to trust your nose in order to locate them accurately. There is also a probability that an animal is stuck inside the vent if our dryer is not working effectively. Those birds that are creating nests in our dryer vent can easily block it quickly. Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you get the animals out of the vent.

Identify the Animal
The first thing you have to do is to identify what type of animal is in your dryer vent. Even if this is a bird, you still need to determine what type of bird is in your dryer vent. You also need to analyze the level of their establishment. In case this is just the start of the spring season, there is a possibility that they are not that established at all. This will help you deal with them easily.

Determine the Severity
After you identify the type of animal that is invading your property, you will have to check the amount of debris and nesting materials that they accumulated. This will help you identify how long the animals have been staying inside. To accurately gauge the severity of the condition, you may purchase an optic scope that will help you observe the content of the pipe. This can be purchased on your local department store for only $200.

Get Rid of the Debris
After you find out how severe the situation is and you think you can deal with this situation, use a ‘fish’ to remove all the accumulated debris and nesting materials. This equipment can be purchase for $40. Run this equipment through the pipe in order to extract all the dirt inside the pipe. Some people choose to turn on their vent fan and hope that it will help dislodge the dirt. However, you need to be careful when doing this. Use a ladder to make the process a lot easier.

Since the animal can carry zoonotic diseases, the last thing you have to do is to disinfect the area. There are cleaning solution that can be purchased in the market but be sure to opt for the strong ones. There are parasites such as the roundworms that have a high resistance against chemicals. Getting the animals out of the dryer vent can be a simple task especially if you have the experience. However for those who lack the knowledge, remember that proper execution is vital. Allow the professionals to take care of the job.

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