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We are San Jose Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing San Jose, Ca. Our team has more than ten years of experience with wildlife removal, which we put to good use helping you resolve your wildlife-related issues. We can remove skunks or groundhogs from underneath your porch or shed or get squirrels, rodents, or raccoons out of your attic. We can get snakes out of your house, including venomous ones, or moles and squirrels off your property so they stop digging up your lawn. Every service call begins with our technicians conducting a 32-point inspection of the property. This allows us to pinpoint the damage, access points, and animals in question so we can take the appropriate action. Common damage can include rodents chewing on your electrical wires, the spread of disease, leaving behind waste that is smelly and carries disease, tearing up insulation, and more. One of our many specialties is professional-grade repairs to buildings, which will ensure that the wildlife we evict from your home do not return and no other critters take their place. We can also assist with attic cleanup and sanitization so you do not have to find protective gear or put your family at risk of disease by cleaning up yourself. Our service is fast and reliable, as most appointments are for the same day or the next day. Call us now at 669-236-2063 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

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San Jose Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Do Rats Leave the Attic during the Day?

San Jose Rats are considered as nocturnal species. This means that most of their activities are done during nighttimes. During the day, they will mostly stay inside their nest. However, there are still instances when they will be active during the day and leave the attic. You will normally see them active during the nesting season when they are building their nest or gathering foods for their little ones.

What Does It Mean When I See Rat During the Day?
There are different reasons why the San Jose rats will remain active during the day. Sometimes it can mean that there are more than 25 rats that are hiding on the den. This means that you are more likely to face a severe rat infestation problem. Another reason is that the mother rat is collecting food for the baby rats that are completely dependent to them. When they are collecting their foods, the rat will leave the attic and will possibly raid our chicken coops. They love to visit that area due to the unlimited supply of food. The excrement of the other animals can also be a food for them. Rats can also eat their own excrement in order to survive. They will then scavenge for human and pet foods and other known edibles. This habit of the rat can lead to the food contamination that can result to different ailments.

The Dangers of the Rats to Our Kids
When the rats are active during the day, our kids can have an indirect or direct contact with them. San Jose Rats are known for their destructive and aggressive behavior and they have a tendency to attack our adorable babies. This may sound like an extreme scenario but it is highly possible. With their incredible climbing skills, it is so easy for them to reach the cribs of the baby and high chairs. In case you notice a rat running across the room, there is a probability that more of them are hiding in your attic. This means that more surfaces in your house are likely to be contaminated. This can expose your baby to the dangers and bacteria that the rats carry.

Where Do Rats Stay During the Day?
Apart from the attic, there are different places where the rats can hide during the daytime. Start by inspecting the walls and structures of your house. The trees can have bundled twigs that are possible nesting ground of the rats. You should observe the fruits of the tree and analyze if there are any bite marks. If all else fails, simply look for any signs of droppings of the rats to find your target. Rats are mostly active during nighttimes but they can also perform their usual activities during the day. With their flexible lifestyle, accessing our food supplies and materials will be easy for them. You should never allow the problems related with San Jose rats go beyond your control. Call a pest or wildlife removal services to determine the suitable solution for your situation.