The Causes of the San Jose Rat Odor and How to Remove Them

You will be surprised to know that rats are actually clean animals. This means that they should not smell that bad. In case they smell offensive, this can be due to the smell of their nest. There are also illness and infection that will cause them to smell. Their smell depending on the situation can be distinct. If it is caused by the nesting material, it will have a stinky urine smell. A rat with infection will smell sick.

The Different Causes of the Rat Odor
In the business of wildlife, it is not that uncommon that we receive inquiry from the homeowners complaining about the persistent rat odor in their house. Regardless of how clean you may appear, this type of persistent odor will ruin the ambiance of your house. If you are concerned about your health you should immediately call us to end your problem.

Dead Rat
Apart from the different diseases that the rats may carry, you are also probably concerned about dealing with a dead rat in your house. If you have a previous experience in disposing the dead rat, you will know why most people will want to stay away from this type of infestation. The decaying scent that you smell is actually a mixture of various chemicals that are being released from the body of the dead rat. This may include methane and sulfur dioxide. The bigger rat will take time to breakdown the tissue which means that the smell of the dead rat will persist for a longer time.

Droppings and Urine
During the early stage of infestation, you might not notice the irritating scent of their urine and feces. However, the rats have the capacity to reproduce at an astounding rate. It will only take a couple of weeks before the nauseating smell of their urine and feces will permeate in your house.

How to Get Rid of the Smell
The first step is of course; determine the source of the odor. After that, the remediation and the disinfection of the place can proceed. Try to remove all the parts that have been contaminated by their urine and feces. After that, you can now disinfect the remaining parts of the area. During this time, you will also probably find a possible entry point of the rats and this is your chance to seal them completely. For those who have a dead rat problem, removing the body of the dead rat will not be sufficient in getting rid of the odor. Remember that the smell is released by the fungi that are eating the body of the dead rat. You may have to use a cleaning solution that can disintegrate biological matter to successfully eliminate the odor. Having a rat infestation in your house can lead to damages and disease transfer. Apart from that, this can make your house an uncomfortable place to live in due to the suffocating scent that they can produce.

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