The Natural Predators of the San Jose Groundhog

Groundhogs may not have a destructive behavior but their digging habit may lead to different issues. It is actually simple to tell if your house has been invaded by the San Jose groundhog. This is due to the fact, that they do not necessarily conceal their presence and activities. You will often spot them in an open area while they are collecting their food. They can also leave some signs such as chewed plants and damaged woods.

What Animals Eat Woodchucks?
When in the mild, the groundhog has a relatively low life expectancy due to the presence of the predators. Some manufacturers will use the scent of their predator’s urine to deter the infestation of the groundhog.

The Large Dogs
There are dogs that are specifically bred to hunt. They will chase the little creature and attack them and it will mostly end in an unfortunate situation. Nonetheless, the dog can also be exposed to dangers especially when the San Jose groundhog retaliates. The groundhogs are equipped with incisors that you will often see on rodents. Adopting a dog will most probably help you control the activities of the groundhog in your yard.

The coyotes will normally eat the victims of the road kill rather than to hunt for the live ones. However, there are instances when they will have to search for smaller animals such as the groundhogs. When they hunt, they will usually belong in a large pack that makes it almost impossible for the woodchucks to escape their grasps. They can do nothing but to retreat to their burrows to stay safe from them.

The red fox is one of the most common predators that you will encounter in the community. They have learned how to scavenge for food. Usually, the foxes will also eat fruits and vegetables and other foods that are readily available. They will only be hunted when they are out in the open. Fortunately, once the winter season hits, they will have to hunt for the available creature such as rats. The woodchucks will remain safe inside their burrows waiting for the winter season to pass.

Hawks and Eagles
The birds of prey will also love the taste of the groundhogs. However, compared to other species, they will mostly choose the younger woodchucks. With the strong talons of the hawks and eagles, they can easily break the bones of the woodchucks. The poor creature has little to no defense against their unwarranted attacks.

Compared to the eagles and hawks, the bobcat will try to get a hold of the adult San Jose groundhog, probably because it will provide them with proper nourishment. Nonetheless, coyotes are generalist in terms of their diet. They will eat almost anything from voles to rabbit and squirrels to groundhogs. These predators are playing a key role in maintaining the balance in their population. If you have a woodchuck infestation, it is highly unlikely that you will employ the service of these predators. Fortunately, there are professionals who will be efficient in doing the job.

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