What Is a Natural Deterrent for San Jose Armadillos?

Armadillo is a creature that is notorious for its digging. They have the habit to mark their territory with their feces and urine. Their foraging can create damages to the roots of the plants and can make our yard look unsightly. The burrows that they create can be occupied by skunks, snakes and rats. With their capacity to dig holes, they can create at least 12 burrows in their territory. This is why it is necessary to find a way to expel them immediately from your property.

Getting Rid of Armadillos Using Natural Deterrent
Natural deterrent can be an effective way to drive the armadillo away. Deterrents work in various ways. They can affect the senses of the armadillo and scare them. The cost of the natural deterrent is fairly low. The expenses may start at a very cheap price of $5.

Castor Oil
Castor oil contains an active ingredient that can repel the armadillos. This solution will then be mixed with the liquid detergent and water before you can use it. The content can be used in an area of 3,000sq.feet. You should pay attention on the time needed to obtain the ingredients and the whole preparation method. Note that this process should be repeated on a weekly basis to achieve the optimum result. For those who want to stay away from the mess, castor oil may not be the ideal solution since it can stain your clothes. An industrial-grade castor oil should be used. Hydrogenated castor oil do not show any sign of effectiveness.

Cayenne Pepper
When using this deterrent method, you will be required to mix cayenne pepper and moldable play sand. Mix these two ingredients thoroughly before using drop spreader to sprinkle the mixture all over your yard. After application, water your yard to ensure that the solution will completely integrate with the soil. When mixing the ingredient, be sure to do this with extreme carefulness. Wear protective gears and avoid the cayenne pepper from directly touching your skin. Wear masks since pepper can easily burn your eyes. After applying the mixture, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly.

Murphy Oil and Ammonia
Murphy oil and ammonia should be combined before the mixture can be diluted to tap water. Before doing this, be sure that using ammonia is allowed in your community. When spraying the solution, wear goggles to avoid the solution from contacting your eyes. As much as possible, do not breathe the mist. Note that there are no studies that will prove the effectiveness of this solution. In case you are looking for ways to remove and relocate the armadillo, there are different traps that are sold in the market. Be sure to choose the size that is apt for the nuisance creature. For additional assistance and guidance, the professional wildlife removal company can help you with your concern. Their experience in handling a range of creature allows them to humanely remove the creature and relocate it with ease.

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